2005 High Power Rifle Silhouette National Championships
Steel Targets from 500 Meters or 547 yards

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There is a short clip at the beginning of this to give you an idea of the long range to the targets. The kids working on resetting the steel Ram silhouettes are 1,641 feet away or 321 feet longer than a quarter of a mile. The kids working on the easiest targets, the steel Pig silhouettes, are 985 feet away.

This is Agustin Sanchez Jr. shooting at the steel ram targets. The metallic silhouettes of the Rams are about 32 inches wide from the tip of the nose to the back of the butt. The main target zone on the steel Ram is about two feet wide and one foot high. The elevation for these targets are the most demanding. It is almost painful sometimes to see the near-misses over the back and between the legs. Although these are much wider targets, they sit at a range where mother nature has time to wreak havoc with the bullet and your vision of the target. A ten mph wind can blow the bullet a couple of feet off of this long range target. To give a better idea of the distance... From the time the shot is taken, it takes about 3/4 of a second for the bullet to hit the target and well over 2 seconds total to hear the clang of the steel target.

The steel targets are 3/8 inch thick and weigh nearly 50 pounds. By the time the bullet has flown the long range to get here, 107 yards more than a quarter of a mile distance, it has lost a third of its velocity and half of its energy. These targets are not slammed anywhere, they topple over. The lighter the load you make to shoot at these heavy steel targets, the more times you will get what is called a ringer. You hit the target but it did not fall over.

Agustin set a new record for total score at this 2005 National Championship by hitting a total of 111 of the 120 targets over the 3 days. This video is of his first set of 5 Ram silhouettes. I recorded his second set of 5 and he was only able to hit 2 of the 5. Some gusts of winds came up that were heavy enough to blow the body around while trying to aim. It was a little bad luck for him to not be able to set a higher record score but as anyone familiar with this sport knows, that is just the way it goes. Sometimes the weather can work to help you while you are sitting and waiting for your relay or, it can come up and bite you in the.... while you are trying to shoot.

Agustin Sanchez Jr. is the holder of multiple records and championships. He has competed in the NRA Rifle Silhouette National Championships for High Power Rifle, High Power Hunting Rifle, Smallbore Rifle and Smallbore Hunting Rifle. He holds the record for total score at the championship in all four events. In all of the mentioned championships from 2004 to 2007, a total of 16 championships for the 4 types of rifles over the 4 years, he won 12 of them.

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