MP4, 320 x 240 - 9 out of 10 Steel Pig Targets - 2007

Smallbore Rifle Shooting at Steel Targets
Metallic Pig Silhouettes from 60 meters or 66 yards

This page is to support mobile devices in MP4 format at 320 x 240 resolution.

The sport of Rifle Silhouette is based on time and once time is lost, it can never be regained. I contributed to a loss in a shoot-off with Joy Cox for State Champion (High Arizona Resident) on a gusty day in 2009 simply because I was not properly prepared and lost time. I had not focused my scope on the Turkey range but thought it had been set. When the listo command was given I got the rifle in position and started panning around for targets that were in focus. After a few seconds I realized what the problem was and pulled the rifle down to set the proper focus on the scope. By then the fuego command had been given and Joy hit her target about the time I was getting set. Just as I was set on target, about 10 seconds passed the fuego command, the wind came up and I ended up firing out of desperation as time was running out and missed. It is not certain that I would have hit the target if I was properly prepared but, the point is I did not get the opportunity because gusty wind conditions and lost time.

There have been numerous times where there were gusty wind conditions at a match. The wind could be gusting as much as 10 mph at times and a moment later it is calm. Because I have practiced at it, I am certain that I can hit more targets firing rapidly in calm weather than I can in 10 mph gusts. Sometimes you are fortunate to have a calm wind when the fuego command is given. Sometimes if there have been definite calm spells, I will delay firing at the targets hoping for the calm spell. There are times when it is mostly calm and a mild gust is affecting one or two shots. You can comfortably wait to see if the wind will die down again for you.

Nothing says that you need to fire quickly every time you are shooting at the steel targets in a match. However, if you practice getting on target as quickly as possible every time you are going to shoot, you will be ahead of the clock and possibly ahead of the next wind gust. You can have more time to evaluate things with your spotter, scope adjustments and any other unknown delay that might occur in a match.

This is not firing from a bench as some have thought or might think. There is another video where the steel targets are not as visible in 9 Pigs 1 but you can clearly see me shooting in an off-hand position.

9 Steel Pigs Version 1