Steel Turkey Targets - Long Range Shooting
57 Feet Short of a Quarter Mile, 385 Meters 1,264 feet

From the 2005 NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette National Championships
Shooting steel Turkey targets from 385 meters or 421 yards

This is Agustin Sanchez Jr. shooting at the metallic silhouettes of a Turkey. These steel targets are placed 56 feet short of being a quarter of a mile away. These are the most challenging long range target in the sport. Long enough to enable light breeze to push the bullet far enough to hurt your feelings. To put the challenge of these High Power Rifle targets in perspective.... A good rifle is measured by a minute of accuracy or better. At this range a minute of accuracy has a diameter of 4.4 inches. A very light wind of 2 mph can push the bullet 3 inches sideways at this distance. Together that is as much as 5.4 inches side to side on a perfect shot. In other words if you have zero wind adjustment in your scope on your minute-of-accuracy rifle and fire in a 2 mph crosswind with the crosshairs perfectly in the center of the Turkey, your bullet can land within 1.5 inches of the edge of the steel target, now try to come up with the perfect shot while you are shooting in an offhand position, weeeeeeeeeee. There are times when you finish the Turkeys and you are walking away feeling like you have just experienced a nightmare and, other times where your feeling really good at what you have just accomplished.

The targets stand 23 inches tall by 19 inches wide but that is not all steel. They measure about 17 inches wide from the front of the chest to the tip of the tail and 11 inches tall from the bottom of the belly to the top of the back. Take away their neck and leg and they have a similar area as the face of an 8x16 fence block. There have been many times I was glad that neck or foot was there, I am happy to hit any part of these.