2005 attempt to hit 10 Steel Pigs

Smallbore Rifle Shooting at Metallic Silhouettes
Shooting steel Pigs from 60 meters or 66 yards.

This is not the normal way of shooting steel targets at a Smallbore Rifle Silhouette match. This is something I did in 2005 just as a personal challenge on a day I went to the range to practice. As it turns out this was done in one take. It was a little bit of luck and there were no more attempts because I knew the first would be hard to beat. I made the second version on the third attempt in 2007 and still did not get 10 in a row. The main reason I am posting this version is to show that I am standing up and shooting these targets. Some may think it was done from the bench. In version 2 from 2007 only the steel targets are seen. See 9 Pigs 2 for a better explanation of why these are posted here.

9 Steel Pigs Version 2

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